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Cart House Leases

Item Price
  2023 Cart House Lease - Electric $415.00
  2023 Cart House Lease - Gas $340.00

Cart House Policy and Rental Agreement

Cart House Policy and Rental Agreement

Reason and Purpose:

Following a bit of research, it has become apparent that most other golf courses generate roughly 30%-40% of gross revenue in golf cart rentals. Quail Ridge is unique in the way that the bulk of our members own their own cart and Quail Ridge and the City of Baker City has accommodated this with the installation of cart houses located on Quail Ridge (City) Property. Thus, at Quail Ridge, golf cart rentals have historically comprised of only 6% of gross revenue.

In order for Quail Ridge to be completely self-sustaining and for it to continue to be an asset to Baker City, Quail Ridge Golf Management (QRGM) will need to update the current cart house policy.

A couple basic facts:

1. The City of Baker City owns all of the Golf Cart Houses. QRGM manages the use of each Cart House.
2. The original user has the right to use the cart house for a fee set by the City but the user does not own the Cart House, just the right to use it.

3. The City and QRGM are responsible for insurance on the buildings, but not the contents within.
4. The City and QRGM are responsible for building maintenance and painting the cart houses periodically.
4. Cart House users are responsible for maintenance on their individual doors. However, QRGM does plan to paint all cart houses this spring, including each door.
5. Any work done to the exterior or significant work done to the interior of the Cart Houses by the user will need to be approved by QRGM General Manager prior to any work done.
6. Any modifications to the cart houses will need to be returned to original state if vacated.

Trail Fee Sticker:

Each private golf cart is required to have a current trail fee sticker displayed on the cart itself. These trail fee stickers are required for private golf cart use at Quail Ridge. Trail fee stickers must be purchased at the time of cart house payment.

Designated Purpose:

It is the position of both Baker City and QRGM that the Cart Houses sole designated purpose is the storage of Golf Carts and golf related items/activities. If it is discovered by the City or QRGM that the cart houses are being used for any purpose other than golf cart storage and golf related items/activities, the user will be charged an additional $80/month as that is the average storage rental rate in Baker City. This rate will be in addition to the base cart house rental.

Maintenance and Repair

Quail Ridge Golf Management may request contents to be removed for a temporary period of time for maintenance repair and upkeep of the buildings. QRGM will provide two weeks prior notification.


Should a cart house become vacant, The City and QRGM will put it up for bid. The dollars from the sale will go directly into the City golf fund.


Gas: $340     Electric: $415

Due to the demand of these Cart Houses, each Cart House user will be required to purchase the annual course trail fee per cart in addition to the Cart House fee. Payment for each Cart House and trail fee will be due by May 1st of each year. If an extension or a payment plan needs to be implemented, they will be on a case-by-case basis. A new policy and agreement will need to be signed each year at the time of payment.

By checking below, I understand the above statements, expectations, and requirements. In addition, I understand the neither the City nor Quail Ridge Golf Management holds insurance on the contents within the cart houses. Just the cart houses themselves.